Heroes of the Month: August 2008

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“… we rushed through them, at the same time they heard us calling, 'Now my boys, Scotland Forever!'”

Alexander Armour

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blue789 VS blue148

Move White Black
1 e4 e5
2 Qh5 d6
3 Bc4 g6
4 Qf3 b6
5 Qxf7 #

Scotland Forever Chess Team

For all who are Scottish, or wish they were Scottish, or have Scottish ancestors, or live in Scotland, or have visited Scotland, or would like to visit Scotland, or just wanna be in a team called Scotland Forever …

[This painting, "Scotland Forever" (1815), by Elizabeth Butler, depicts the gallant charge of the Royal North Dragoons, “The Scots Greys”, at the Battle of Waterloo (1815). According to eyewitness Alexander Armour, the start of the charge of the Greys had to pass through the ranks of the Highland Brigade. Armour recalled, “The Highlanders were then ordered to wheel back, when they did so we rushed through them, at the same time they heard us calling, 'Now my boys, Scotland Forever!'”.]

Some basic notes for Scotland Forever …

When you play, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK – try to have your first five moves while they are still thinking about their first. Moving two pawns with one hand is always a fun start.

Defending can be fun too, so, DEFEND, DEFEND, DEFEND – let them get bored and strike out, making a mistake: then go for the jugular.

It’s okay to blunder, but try not to make the same mistake again in another match.

Too may games at once? If you join our team please make sure you set in your preferences how many games you are willing to play as we will try to keep most of our team busy most of the time.

Timeouts: DON’T DO IT, it’s just not nice for our other team players whose next win will be canceled out by your timeout!

For other Captains …

At the moment we accept challenges from teams with any rating, as long as the pairings are roughly fair. 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, whatever, they are all good.

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